uncle ben’s pork farts

Seventh Day Adventist and Republican candidate for the GOP’s nomination for POTUS 2016, one Ben Carson, is scarred senseless by Muslims. I mean, Carson literally has taken leave of his senses and understanding of basic American civics. That is to include America’s Constitution.

Carson is playing out his part in Republican pandering to the worst of disaffected America. With disaffected Americans being unable to see the bullshit for all the hyped bullshit that fills the media cacophony on any given day.

Republican psychophants prattle on and on about Mexicans being illegally in America, gays, lesbians, Bruce Jenner, smoke, mirrors, social obfuscation, and Muslims being automatically categorized as “jihadi.” Of course and according to 7th Day Uncle Ben, Muslims aren’t christian and therefore are not “entitled” to constitutional recognitions. Christians of course are constitutionally sacrosanct and therefore superior.

What the fuck ever.

The postmodern Pharisee and Sadducee branch of hypocritical christianity are spiritually aglow and wholly enamored of themselves and are comprehensively unable to pull splinters out of their own eyes before passing ‘judgments’ on everyone else.

By the by, the Constitution of these United States of America makes absolutely NO mention of ‘christianity’ Seventh Day Adventist and/or otherwise.

The sanctimonious evangelical taliklan christians need to get over themselves and come to grips with the notion that America has moved into the 21st century.

Ben Carson sit down and SHUT THE FUCK UP! What an insufferable hypocrite…



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