bizarre swarm of beez

Cultural Amerika is in trouble.

That’s not a surprise. That’s not even shocking. Or news.

Amerika does have celebrity. Celebrity is worth about squat.

Considering that Amerika is locked in a ‘zero-sum game’, well, there you go. For zero-sum specifics, google it. The term ‘zero-sum’.

Amerika doesn’t contribute much to our global condition these days. Not anything positive or life affirming.

Amerika contributes death on a grandiose scale. Outrageous torture and an arrogant pretension that errors on the side of amoral banality.

Amerika is good at amoral banality.

Well there you go my fellow Amerikans. Look up from your iWatch distractions and be proud.


One thought on “bizarre swarm of beez

  1. NO sir you will not stop me from commenting on your adieu!
    There. I’ve commented.

    Hey man take some time, do come back. Every voice is a voice, even though many of us get drowned out by the fluff, circumstance and cheerleaders. I’ve been pondering a break/trip to Grand Coulee Dam in my full-sized truck to ponder where my electricity that powers the Lens so the Border Patrol in Port Angeles can read it–comes from…

    : )


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