I’m taking a break. It’s time for a rethink, rework, redesign, and down time.

Change is after all, about the only constant in our postmodern existential struggle.

On the heels of a “super blood eclipsed full moon” it’s glaringly obvious that ‘change’ is in the air. Or near-earth space anyway.


Super blood eclipsed full moons would help to explain the Donald.

Maybe or not.




4 thoughts on “adieu


    How are we going to survive world war three without your insights Don.

    Tubularsock is saddened by this change though a rest from this shit is tempting.
    Tubularsock hopes you retool and proceed soon, however.

    Good luck and remember Senator Cranky is still at large ………

    Peace bro ….. Tube

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    • It’s a hopefully short time out. I am thinking about retooling and redesigning the d’s g & g. If ww3 the nuclear big one cranks up, well, we’re all fucking burned toast and there’s not shit we can do about any of it. I think that’s goddamn annoying…

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      • Lets look a the”bright side” …… Tubularsock likes burnt toast, charcoal is good for the body.
        And Tubularsock looks pretty good tanned. It’s just the glow Tubularsock will have to get used to.


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