Donal the Apostate

Gee it’s good to be back home again.

Or not.

Back on the Mormon homeworld.

I’m having to post using a tablet. No graphics until later.

The Mormon homeworld is now ruled by a Republican “super majority. Dictatorial fascism is tyranny and it doesn’t matter how the Mormon fascists care to label their oppression.

I’ll update the ancillary tidbits later when our worldly possessions catch up with our sojourn.

I wonder what happens WHEN the US and Russia tangle in Syria?

It is inevitable.

6 thoughts on “Donal the Apostate

  1. Oh, I am always late! I should have read this post before reading your last post because then I would have known that you were relocating. I saw the word ‘homeless’ and immediately thought that I should start a ‘GoFundMe’ Account for you guys! Whew! Glad to know that it’s not quite THAT serious!

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  2. I missed you leaving, which is quite unacceptable *complains to the Cloud as it is the Clouds fault*…ahem. I’m glad you’re back mind you, though minus those wild graphics you do look kinda naked.

    Welcome back!

    – sonmi giving him a hug upon the Cloud

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