Homeworld update

Hi. Still homeless which sucks.

Oh well.

Utah’s Governor ‘five o clock’ Gary, needs a shave. Utah’s Governor ‘five o clock’ Gary always needs a shave.

Utah’s Legislative “super majority” has decreed Jason Chafetz a Utah State treasure and therefore Chafetz MUST be shared with Amerika.

Life on the Mormon Homeworld can be ‘odd’ on any given day and problematic on most days.

Peace is not necessarily the absence of war. But the absence of war certainly helps.


5 thoughts on “Homeworld update

  1. I wish you luck Don, it sounds like you’ve been through the mill of late, may you find a new home soon, and thank you for still posting, you add something quite singular to the blogosphere for me, and others too I have no doubt. x

    – sonmi.u.t.C


    • Hi sonmi:
      Thing are coming together nicely. We’ve found a place to live and all we need now would be all of our worldly stuff. A bed to rest the old neck on would be more than adequate. Hopefully, this week. Won’t be too much longer and I’ll be back to grinding on political criminals and things will be as they should.


    • Hi Ms. Shelby:
      It is true, we are homeless on the Mormon Homeworld. We’re hard at work to remedy the situation.
      Moving/relocation is a pain in the ass.
      We’ll be okay. Being without does put all things into perspective.


      • Bless your ever loving heart! I didn’t think that anything could pull you out of the Arizona desert, but it would appear that I was wrong in thinking that. Of course, I am not privy to what your situation is and rightly so, but please know, Dear Skulz, that you and your family are in my thoughts and I sincerely hope that whatever the situation, a remedy for it will be found soon.

        Take care of yourself!



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