the ressurection of ragnar

The Donald is singing the Ben Carson blues. Poor Donald. It would seem the relunatics prefer pseudo-sanctimonious insanity over megamanical bravado.

Let us now take a moment and pity the fool.

Okay that’s more than enough time wasted on the Donald, Ben 7th Day Carson, and/or ANY relunatic warmongering asshat.

We are finally resettled in our new home on the Mormon Homeworld. Now if we could get our worldly possessions delivered, which are somewhere between here and Maricopastan, that would be wonderful.

Having to graphic and pontificate using a Lenovo tablet is worlds of frustrating. Wait, it’s straight up bullshit!

Our thought for today – next time, Hillary will let the big banks fail. Hillary is of course one disingenuous and stupid cow!

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