ragnar and the thunder penis of thor

The Teddy Cruz daddy, that would be Raphael ‘Cuban’ Cruz, was in Mormon New Mecca on or about yesterday. Cruz the elder was in attendance at some family and friends of Jesus the Hateful conference happening in Mormon New Mecca.

Daddy Cruz feels himself to be some manner of Jesus the Hateful authority. Yeah yeah, whatever.

So Cruz gets asked about the LGBT community. Cruz the elder figures “that bunch” will bring about the end of America as he (Cruz) knows it AND, the gays want to legalize pedophilia.

Cruz the elder and his ratty Canadian spawn Teddy are of course batshit crazy.

The “Cruz” position on any number of pressing social issues is ignorant in the very least and hateful in the extreme.

Any “real” Jesus would rebuke this asshat for being a heretic. Daddy Cruz that is.

Hmmm, I wonder why Jesus hasn’t done that yet?



5 thoughts on “ragnar and the thunder penis of thor

      • Hi Tubularsock:
        I’m in possession of a ‘hotline-to-God’ special Jesus line. I was able to trade my genetic Mormon roots to the Archangel Raspatian for the divinely mobile device. A real bargain I might add. It comes in real handy during times of confusing political bullshit or when demagogue religious are waxing heretical. I can cut to the chase and rely on the trusted “Word Of Jebus” for spiritual clarity. That and ‘tips’ for Sunday’s pick six betting line.

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