happy hallow’s eve

Tis the spooky day. Be afraid everyone, be very afraid.

Not of the goblins, hobgoblins, headless horsemen, witches, warlocks, and/or any other spooky phenomena. Nope.

Be afraid of the inherently evil spawn of Satan running for the Office of President of these United States of Empire.

Quick commercial interruption –

Invest in a future wasted and utterly destroyed, think Boeing. Think Martin Marietta. Think Raytheon. War profiteering IS the health of Empire and don’t you ever forget it. Or else!

End of quick commercial interruption.

The spooky freaks in campaign for Emperor are so goddamn scary as to frighten small children and cause gesticulating mothers to swallow their desire to birth.

Happy Halloween everyone.

Yes, I am back at the controls. Finally.

What a pain in the ass. Relocating that is. Well and scary-ass poseur politicians.

Here’s graffica for our special day –


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