flatland flatulence

The Obomber has “decided” to put boots on the ground in Syria.

Have a good time boys and girls, the Empire appreciates your sacrifice.

Sure sure.

Remember back in the day when the Nobel Committee gave the Obomber that Nobel Piece Price thingy? How marvelously ironic.

You know, how the Obomber is a Nobel laureate and turns out the fucker is a stone cold murderer? That’s irony no doubt.

The Obomber will keep ‘boots’ in the Afghaniscam and ‘boots’ in Iraq and now, ‘boots’ in Syria.

Did you know that the Obomber has never worn a pair of boots? Well that’s true. You see boots make the Obomber’s feets hurt. Anytime that the Obomber’s feets hurt, well, some sorry “brown” Mooselim must die. Hmmm, that statement might leave an impression that the Obomber only kills Mooselims in a singular sense. We all know that’s a highly slanted impression. The Obomber has Mooselims killed willy-nilly.

willy-nilly ( wilē ˈnilē)
1- whether one likes it or not

I’m absolutely certain that Mooselims prefer NOT to be killed willy-nilly.

I think that the Obomber “deciding” to put boots on the ground Syria is so that Trace Adkins can keep pandering for ‘The Wounded Warriors Project.” Keep sending ‘donations’ to WWP and Trace will make arrangements for you to receive a blanket. The WWP doesn’t actually do squat for warriors wounded or otherwise but they do like receiving donations.

“We who are about to lose an arm, leg, cognitive function, home, self respect, and/or life itself salute you.”

God save the Emperor.


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