‘lection day

All across the Amerika in bergs, hamlets, townships, communities big and small it’s ‘lection day.

Go out and vote early and vote often. Why, the very moral fabric of this hysterically warmongering nation just might depend on one single vote. Somewhere anywhere and that is the theory.

It’s even ‘lection day here on the Mormon Homeworld. Ralph ‘money bags’ Becker is in the campaign of his political life. Old ‘money bags’ is having to square off against an openly gay woman that is famous for being a woman of the people. Becker is famous for being in the pockets of Utah’s monied elite. Hmmm, that would indicate that Becker is a pocket rocket.

I’m mostly unconcerned. I’m not able to vote. Nope. Having just very recently relocated back to the Mormon Homeworld, my “papers” are not in order and I’m not allowed to vote. Doesn’t matter that I was born right here in the City of Salt Lake City and I have a birth certificate to prove the notion. I am an immigrant from the Arizona and Utah won’t appreciate that. Besides, Utah has become immersed in a political singularity and “outsiders” are encouraged to piss off.

Utah you see is famous for being strictly fascist. Republican fascist. Inane, knee-jerk, histrionic, hysterical, biased, bigoted, and more than just a shade suspicious of anyone/everyone that isn’t Mormon and fascist. Mormon fascist?

Tis the ‘lection day and I can’t vote. It is mostly okie-dokie AS I have never worked or played well with others. Stupid rules leave me with a bad attitude and that is my problem and I can admit that. Readily…


6 thoughts on “‘lection day

    • It’s okay Tubularsock, Utah is where I was born. Can’t do much about that. Moving back from the Zoni was an upward mobility thing exercised by the wife. Much better job. The Zoni has serious issues, Utah has serious issues, I think it’s a sign of our times. I do get to poke at the religious retards and that is worlds of fun.

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  1. I knew someone else online from Utah, and he often said he was considered a weirdo for having differing views to those of his family and friends. He was a practising Mormon mind you, I saw so many beautiful photographs of the canyons round there. I have to go one day, I am wild about rocks like that. Not so wild about all the nuts in the churches though. Good to see the graphics back up and running!

    – sonmi the rock fan upon the Cloud

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