brothers of the craven image

It’s Friday. “We” have safely (?) made it through another week.

Insert here much cheering, counting of blessings, and sighs of relief.

Not much has changed on the global stage. Muslims are being slaughtered indiscriminately. Israeli apartheid murders indiscriminately. Cops murder civilians indiscriminately. President Obomber bombs indiscriminately.

Amoral banality is postmodern leitmotif.

Here on the Mormon Homeworld, the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints has determined that children of same sex couples are not worthy of membership. In the Mormon Church.

I believe it was Jesus Himself that proclaimed, “suffer the children to come unto Me.”

The Mormons are cold and without the Love of Christ.

I could suppose that pronouncement applies to just about ANY of the self-proclaimed ‘christian collectives’.

I could suppose than ANY of the self-proclaimed ‘christian collectives’ are straight up assholes.


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