position bullshit

We live in an age of abject talking points bullshit. A fair pile of that tpb comes directly from the Obomber regime.

The murderous freaks would not know truth if truth walked up behind anyone of them and bite them on the arse. The Obomber himself, his talking gopher Earnest, old horse-face Kerry, and the insufferable Ashcan Carter.

Then there is the open and festering sewer that is the US Congress. Both House and Senate. Liars and war profiteers are not about to reveal truth that might upset their gravy train.

Did you know that the grate Amerikan taxpayer foots the tab for all of the misanthropic “elected officials?”

That oddity might well indicate that the Amerikan people are gluttons for punishment.

Toss in the presidential campaigns currently vexing these here United States of War Profiteering and lord ahmighty, there hasn’t been this much disingenuous falsehood spread across our landscape since the days of Bushco.

The Donald, 7th Day Carson, Canadian Cruz, Rubio the Cuban Cubist, Hillary the Benghazi Arsonist, Cranky Bernie, and Bullets McSpade the Palmetto Pedophile.

Each and every last ‘candidate’ will spew more nonsense, prattle, lies, and ridiculous bullshit in one day than an entire collection of Mormon fabricators working overtime on ‘hate the gays day’. Any children of openly LGBT couples are so inherently leprous as to be deemed unclean prior to being publicly visible anywhere upon this plane of existence.

The candidates pander then pontificate absurdity. However and given the absurdity of our last fifteen years of national irrationality, well, the Amerikan people deserve exactly what is presented.

An old adage reads, “don’t let the smoke get in your eyes after it’s been blown up your ass.”


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