pawns and projectiles

Proxy wars are obscene.

Even more so than regular war.

Regular war?

War is an excuse to murder with impunity.

Presidents and prime ministers do it.

Murder with impunity.

Gosh, that’s obscene.

Kings and parading princes do it.

Murder with impunity.

We should probably not forget about the queens of buckingham.

Her Royal Lizziedom murders with impunity.

I dare anyone to wander out on the street and try that murder with impunity motif.

Good luck with that.


3 thoughts on “pawns and projectiles

  1. Yeah! So much murder going on and sanctioned by the government, but let me take an extreme dislike to my neighbor, shoot his ass dead and the next thing I know, I’ve got the lethal injection putting my lights out unless they bring back the firing squad! Oh, right, that’s another murder that is sanctioned by ‘the state’, ‘the gummint’. Murder, quite obviously, has a nice ring to it when sanctioned by the rats in charge of this vile ass filthy cage called Amerika!

    Thanks Skulz!

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    • You are so welcome M’Lady. The really dizzying aspect in all the AmeriⓀan slaughter, this is just the beginning. The ruling elite can sense that their grasp is weakening. Therefore the sorry fucks will squeeze tighter and guess whom will pay the price? Black lives do NOT matter in our land of insanity and black lives are always spent first before any of the lilly-whites are gunned down by the piggies.

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