5 thoughts on “armistice not veterans

  1. B-b-b-b-but I love boots — I have paisley boots, and fringey boots, and high-heeled boots, and boots that lace all the way up to my knees; I have boots in every color, and boots that are made for walking, and kicking, and STOMPING! But me and my boots will NEVER agree to wars started in my name!

    Pwr 2 the BOOT-STOMPING peons!


      • Have you read the Laura Gottesdeiner article on the Kunduz hospital attack? I am so sick of what this country is doing in these countries — I seriously want some country to very deliberately attack Capitol Hill and erase it entirely in mere seconds!


      • I don’t think that would help. Removing Capitol Hill would certainly empower our secret government to kick Amerikan fascism into overdrive and then you’d need a special government permit to get to the freaking store. Besides it’s not the buildings that are Amerika’s problem, it’s the insane freaks that keep getting elected to office and fucking shit up large.


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