indifferent indifference

I thought about posting deeply considered blather and such on the raging death vogue that has our Planet in the throws of murderous if not suicidal insanity. Thought about it all day. Thought about relevant points and then counterpoints. Pondered, reflected, meditated, consulted professionally penned articles and theory, asked the Pope, sent an email to the Obomber, asked Hillary, phoned the Donald, took a moment to spit in Ted Cruz’ general direction, and then and then…

I decided what is the fucking point.

Innocent people all around our Planet will be murderously terminated with extreme prejudice and there’s not squat I can do about that. Not shit can be done. Or said.

Military motherfuckers will murder and waste humanity. Black lives will be exterminated by white cops. Punk ass jihadis will murder Parisians and Israelis will work their interminable apartheid on Palestinians.

Nothing seems to sway this murderous frenzy.


Oh well.

Maybe the sun might shine tomorrow but I can guarantee you that by noon, the slaughter will commence unabated.

There is something seriously wrong with the human species.


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