lighthearted on 2’s day

It’s time for a brief respite. From the madness, slaughter, political stupidity, and closeted Canadians running for the Office of President of these United States of Amerika.

Here’s a hint for who might qualify as a ‘closeted Canadian’ –

My my, you’ve an incredibly big nose. Hey there big nose, you were born in Canada?

Okay, enough of that.

In these our troubled and trying times, it’s good to every now and then just take a break.

Get away from the wars on terror, the wars on Mooselim brown people, the wars on Black Lives, the wars on Syrian refugees, the wars on LGBT people, the wars on woman, the wars on poor people, and that interminable war on basic intelligence.

I mean jeepers, it would seem we live in a climate of global retardation and there’s hardly reason to deny it.

One can deny global warming at one’s own peril but, to deny the effects of global retardation?

Anyway, anytime one encounters a problem the quick and simplistic answer is to get a solution. Got a problem? Get a solution. That’s my mantra and my story for now and I’m sticking with it. For now.

That is all, for now –


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