treason and final solutions

Jonathan Pollard, convicted spy and traitor, has been released from federal prison. Isn’t that special?

Jew-boy should have been stood before a firing squad and shot in the head. Pollard should have been shot in the head for being convicted as a spy and traitor, not for his being a Jew.

Speaking of things ‘jewey’, it is worlds of curious that the Republican presidential poseur caste are using Nazi notions to incite hatred of Muslims. Trump would have American Muslims wearing tags that identify American Muslims as Muslim. Close Muslim Mosques, force American Muslims to carry ‘special papers’ that highlight a Muslim religious affiliation. Congress passed legislation yesterday that requires especially careful vetting of Syrians wanting to seek refuge in America.

According to the hysterically knee-jerk Republican fascists, Syrians and Muslims in general are to be feared. Persecuted and eventually interned for being Syrian and/or Muslim Syrian. The histrionics of course are on account of that bullshit terrorista attack in Paris on Friday last.

The histrionics isn’t just from Republicans. Democraps are pounding demagoguery and bigotry as richly ridiculous as the Repugs.

It doesn’t take much for Amerikans to get in touch with their inner-fascist.

Trump, Carson, ‘canadian’ Cruz, Rubio the Cuban, and even Jebby are all singing the praises of Hitler’s Mein Kampf and promoting a healthy pogrom of “final solutions” for Muslims. American and/or otherwise.

Their notions are obscene bullshit to say the least. That Syrians have to flee a proxy war that the US/NATO started is one seriously grave crime against humanity. Of course presidential candidates, congress-creepers, and spineless Democraps NEVER have to worry about being held to account for crimes against humanity. Or war crimes and “other” violations of the Geneva Convention. Can we all say ‘torture’?

That Trump didn’t get called out for his oratorial vile is commentary on how far down the shit-hole these United States of Amerika have slid.

Kids, things are worse than I dared to imagine…


4 thoughts on “treason and final solutions

  1. Tubularsock doesn’t know why exactly and maybe it’s more Tubularsock than you Don but reading your work this morning you have made Tubularsock laugh aloud. Why the sick-shit you are talking about is funny to Tubularsock is an unknown at this moment in time but thanks.

    “It doesn’t take much for Amerikans to get in touch with their inner-fascist.” That is well stated, true, and just funny as hell if one can divorce oneself from the reality of its meaning. And Tubularsock happens to be able to do that.

    Oh let Tubularsock commune with his “inner-fascist” ….. om shanti.

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      • I figured you’d have a post on Pollard. I just republished a long one I did on him a while back, the one that featured the ZBF.

        Eliot Engel (Likud, NY) is advocating that Pollard be allowed to go to Israel. Interesting that a US congre$$man would have time on his schedule to advocate for a traitor.

        Hope you are well.


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      • Hi MT, it’s good to hear from you. I’m still of the opinion that Pollard the pissant should be shoot in the head. However that is just me. I’m surprised the fucking jew-boy isn’t whisked off to Zionlandia already. Air Force One could probably be made ready.
        Maybe John McCain’s jihadi militia boys could catch Pollard at a cafe in Tel Aviv? Hmmm, that poses a separate question, how a come the Syrian jihadi fuckers never attack Israel? Must not be any money in it for the jihadis…


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