world war whatever

It’s on kids. World War 3 or 4 or what the hell ever. This will turn out badly.

Here’s the 411 –

A French sponsored “resolution” calls on the world to get those icky dang ISIL/ISIS/Free Syrian Army jihadis by “whatever means necessary.” The Res was passed yesterday by the UN Security Council. Unanimously by the by.

“Official permission” is granted to kill. The ‘bad guys’ of course.


The “civilized world” is now at war and any nation footing an army can jump in the fray to kill jihadis. The ‘resolution’ is scant on details as to whom might be jihadis and/or otherwise. Al-CIAda and all the al-CIAda spinoffs are featured prominently. You know on account of the Afghaniscam, Libya, Yemen, Syraq, Afreaka, and quite probably Ukraine. Paris must be avenged.

There is nothing civil about war and especially world war.

Nations do not now have to explain state-sponsored murder to anyone.

Acting President of the Security Council and British U.N. Ambassador Matthew Rycroft said, “We stand in solidarity with the people of France,” and added, “We are proud to act with clarity of purpose.”

“Clarity of purpose…”

That’s rich. Giving a green light to world war hardly seems clarified. However, murder now has a purpose and that’s possibly a good thing. For the war profiteers.

The bloodletting commences today on a vastly global scale. Get your affairs in order and kiss your sorry asses goodbye. Our world has permission to kill indiscriminately and without rhyme or reason.

Saner heads might have prevailed in the UN debate BUT, there is not a sane head left on/around/or near the UN.

You see, Paris must be avenged. Not Beirut mind you, Paris alone.


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