not so serious monday

Amerika is almost at the high and wholly day of pigging out. Yup. That 4th Thursday of November dedicated to the wholesale slaughter of turkeys so Amerikans can feast.

All Amerikan turkeys that are to be slaughtered, butchered, and then roasted for effect are kept in turkey internment camps.

Odious no doubt. Of course, roasting turkey smells wonderful. Served up politely with smashed potatoes, sweet potatoes (or yams), stuffing, cheesy cauliflowers, hot out the oven rolls, and gravy boats filled with turkey gravy.

I always give thanks to the grate Amerikan god of largesse for roasting turkey. Yummy…

For this extra special and very important week of Amerikan gluttony, I’ll be keeping things lightly basted and chock-a-block filled with subtle innuendo and thinly veiled reminders that Amerika’s Thanksgiving Day is about mindless slaughter and football. Wow, is that about Amerikan or what.

Why just this Sunday evening last, the Arizona Cardinals whooped the Cincinnati Bengals. Go Zonis! Andy Dalton will be enjoying crow for Thanksgiving. At least this year.


So remember everyone, this is Amerika where there’s a slaughtered turkey for every oven. IF,

you happen to be lucky enough to be one of Amerika’s financially endowed “blessed Amerikans” and can afford one.

A slaughtered turkey of course.

Mothers of Amerika? Please remember to fix celery sticks filled with Cheese Whiz. Of course it would be a necessity that ‘mothers’ are doing the cooking for our high and wholly day of pigging out. That’s not sexist. Nope. That’s traditional…



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