phuc dat bich

Today is a good day to be mean. Mockingly mean towards retarded politicians. The kind of retarded politicians that never bother to give thought to important issues like war and/or human suffering.

You can’t talk to these retarded freaks, they’re not listening.

So mock them and be mean about it.

I mean, our Planet might have about a week or so left before the really big war cranks up so why not get in some parting shots.

Besides, it’s Thanks(?)giving and I’m thankful I still have an opportunity to be mean to willful and ignorant political dummies.

On an unrelated note – protesters in Chicago shut down the Interstate in protest over the senseless murder of Laquan McDonald. McDonald was shot 16 times. Evidently Chicago PD thought McDonald would make for some ‘street target practice’ and filled the young man with lead.

Bravo boys and girls of Chicago. Shutting down the Interstate was brilliant.

Get mean…


One thought on “phuc dat bich

  1. Had an interesting conversation with my husband over a bottle of thanks-fer-nothin wine … he remembered that back in a past life when he was a cop in Gering NE all the cops on the force were issued a bullet-proof vest. Now tell me something, in a big bad city like the chi-fuk dontcha imagine that every pig on the force has one? Now if that’s true, then doesn’t it kinda make that retard Van Dork guilty of premeditated murder b/c he started shooting as soon as he pulled up. And think about that 12-year-old (Tamir Rice) that was shot last year — the goddamned fuzz were twice as big as that poor kid PLUS they were wearing bullet-proof vests — they shot that poor kid b/c they knew they could do it with impunity!
    The only people who need to be in prison are the fuzz, the Wall St psychopaths and our worthless elected terrorists!

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