pigging out in the land of profiteering

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Sultan of Turkey, is determined to force war with the Russians. According to Yippy (that’s how old Erdoğan likes to be addressed by his sycophants), “I’ll force the issue with the Russians and then I’ll put the Ottoman back into Islam.”

Amerika’s mad el Presidenté Baroke Obomber, is perfectly comfortable with Yippy cranking up a war with Russia. Obomber is quoted as saying, “just so’s I don’t have to start the war it’s all good. Besides, Turkey will be toast long before Russia can torch Babylon-On-The-Potomac.”

Okay and let us move on to the pressing issues of today.

Got birds ready for the oven? That would be turkeys and NOT jews. In today’s politically charged climate and with sentiments running at fever pitch, one simply can’t be cramming jews into ovens. Well except for the Donald and the Donald feels that if Amerikans can’t be roasting jews well, Syrian Muslims would work in a pinch. The Donald is a nightmare reincarnation of Adolf Hitler with really bad hair.

Okay birds at the ready, potatoes for the smashing, rolls hot and buttery, veggies bathed in cheese sauce, table set, televisions primed and tuned to football, beer chilled, Uncle Bucky’s got his pants unbuttoned, and go…







God loves Amerika and days like Thanksgiving Day are of course by divine intervention. Orchestration? Whatever.

It says so in Amerika’s Constitutional Fiction Dreamworks.

Amen and graffica –


2 thoughts on “pigging out in the land of profiteering

    • Uncle Bucky flirts with some “strange” relationships. There have been rumors for years about the sheep he keeps. As for Sister Becky, well, she will play both ends against the middle just for spite. It is curious that the family only ever sees Uncle Bucky and family at Thanksgiving.


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