ho-hum barbecue


Here’s the link –


Welcome to the festivities @ 2015 World Champion Squirrel Cook-Off.

That’s right, squirrel. An entire world champion soirée in Bentonville, Arkansas and the crackers are eating critters. The cute little tree rodents with their cute little squirrel tails that scamper around trees in parks and/or wherever.


I could suppose that a squirrel cook off is some manner of antebellum tradition that dates back to the days when one had to eat whatever moved. Or ceased to move after having been shot in the head. Sort of like Colorado Springs but without the cannibalism.

Did you know that the shooter raising hell in Colorado Springs was from North Carolina? Doesn’t that just figure.

Anyway, a squirrel cook-off seemed almost non-enflammatory of a subject. Well maybe not so much for the squirrels.

Eating squirrels?

My neighbor Big Head Bubba says that squirrel tastes like chicken. I’ll take Bubba’s word on that.

I’m not eating squirrel.

I thought pointless banality might make for a kinder simpler change of pace. My thinking only. Of course.


Nah, no way…


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