As Amerikan as it gets. Icons are everywhere and define who and/or what may or may not be Amerikan.

Ronald McDonald, Mickey Moose, Mr. Clean, Wendy the hamburger hottie, Domestic Violence Barbie, F-16’s, gyrenes, lone-gunmen lunatics, and of course the military/industrial complexity. Boeing, Raytheon, Martin-Marietta, and Donald the Trump.

The Trumpet never actually served Amerika’s military. Trumpet’s bullshit bravado fits perfectly with Amerika’s current climate of ignorance.

Just about any of the poseurs currently running for POTUS are fanning the airstreams of political flatulence wafting over Amerika.

Advertising icons, celebrity icons, debauched icons, HIV+ icons, transgendered and confused icons, mass murdering icons, and Tom Brady.

Amerika embraces it’s icons with relish and very little consideration.

Hell, the Nobel Piece Price gang actually gave Barack Obomber the Peace Prize and while that action was certainly a curiosity, it was more than certain an iconic moment in the history of hypocrisy.

Did you know that Santa Claus actually works for Coca Cola? That’s ironic AND iconic all in and of itself.

Walmart’s, to this very day, bristles at the notion that Coke got to Santa before they did.

The icon business can be brutally heartless.


3 thoughts on “iconography

    • Thank you Tubularsock. However, be careful when embracing ‘christmas’. The mainstream will expect you to spend inordinate amounts of cash on superfluous shit that benefits their bottomline. It becomes essentially beneficial IF one uses a capitol one charge card. Hmmmm, seems that bald negro celebrity guy has sold his soul to Wall Street. Golly, how uncle tom is that?


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