that messy syraq and other war crimes

The ongoing antics of the ISIL/ISIS/Free Syrian Army/McCain’s Mendacious Militia jihadi butcher boys is a direct consequence of the Bushco illegal war of naked aggression on Iraq.

Remember back in early 2003 and the Bushco regime was pounding carpets for war? WMD’s and smoking nuclear mushrooms and Saddam Hussein was so inherently evil that he must be Satan incarnate.

So off to war Amerika was led and the Amerikan people were suckered/played like the closeted warmongering freaks the Amerikan people can be.

Turns out Iraq had NO weapons of mass destruction nor nukes that were smoking or otherwise and Saddam Hussein was just another rat in hiding and so it goes.

Our intrepid Hussein got to hang and the Bushco war criminals wander our sorely troubled Planet as freemen to this very day.

The Viceroy Paul Bremer “dismissed” Iraq’s standing army and Iraq’s standing army packed up their army stuff and hightailed it to the wilderness of Anbar Province.

Iraq’s dismissed standing army had plenty of time on their hands to plan their revenge and poke thumbs into the eye of Uncle Sam.

Uncle Sam can be worlds of myopically stupid when the need arises.

Then el Presidenté Barrack Obomber unleashed “humanitarian intervention hell” on Libya and we all know how well that turned out. Then the Obomber was on to Syria and that fucking mess is still unfolding.

The rather unpleasant and icky aspect to all this Amerikan bullying/bombing/war criminal atrocity, insert a breath here, would be the countless millions of lives that have been squandered so that Amerika can sport a war boner and appear butch.

Amerika is directly responsible for millions of murdered souls and the sorry souls that are now homeless, stateless, refugee, and literally despised by the “civilized nations” that make up the European Union.

You see Amerika simply doesn’t ‘despise’ the refugees, oh no, Amerika lives in fear that the blowback from all the war crimes committed in our name will come back and haunt this nation for years and years. Amerika does NOT want to hear the true tales of crimes against humanity being exposed by the very people that lived the horror. The refugees lived the Obomber’s horror. Well and the horror suffered at the hands of Bushco.

The truth is far worse than Birmingham Blinky dared to imagine.

The war criminals wander our world free and the refugees are interned if not worse than interned everywhere they turn.

Justice was the first casualty on the road to a ‘global war of terror’ and lies at the side of that road a rotting corpse.


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