hysterical heebie-jeebies

San Bernardino gets shot up and life in Amerika is back to normal. The new ‘global war of terrorism’ normal. Talk about a whole new aspect to the notion of going postal.

Okay so, it’s not the guns in Amerika that becomes problematic. Nope. It’s the goddamn bullets that come whizzing out the end of guns that is the problem.

Let the nimrod Amerikans have all the fucking guns and/or assault weaponry their little black hearts can imagine. Satisfies that 2nd Amendment confusion. However, ban the bullets and especially the murderous bullets for those accursed assault weapons. There is NO constitutional amendment for bullets.

Seems simple enough for sure.

That being said, twitchy Amerikans are still going to kill. The shedding of blood is ingrained in the old Amerikan psyche.

Amerikan lunatics are in serious need of Prozac on an industrial scale.

I’m heading to Cathedral today to light a candle for San Bernardino. I know San Bernardino very well. Or at least I thought I did.



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