natural born lunatics

Amerika is awash in guns.

Amerika is awash in assault rifles.

Those assault rifles are NOT for hunting deer.

Or whatever other animal the nimrods are wont to shoot the life out of.

Amerika is awash in guns and assault rifles to shoot the life out of other humans.

Shamefully insane.

The Regunlican Congress is not about now nor ever, going to make any changes to Amerika’s gun status quo.

Of course were the Regunlicans being shot en masse by some screwy freak outfitted with assault weaponry and pockets filled with guns, well, it would be a different story then.

I find it more than curious that Regunlicans are never caught up in the mass murders that plague Amerika at present. Any argument about Regunlicans being “armed and dangerous” is woefully weak.

One of these days the gun karma will catch up with Regunlicans and Mitch McConnell’s family will die at the hands of  an enraged disgruntled jihadi packing serious heat. That’s inevitable. I can see the headlines now –

Bristol Palin Shot Dead On Streets Of Wasilla! Mother Palin Vows Caribou Revenge!! Jihadis In Alaska, Who Knew?!?

It’s only a matter of time and the tides. Soon as the family of some prominent Regunlican is shot dead, changes to Amerika’s gun laws will happen faster than one can say “draw pardner…”


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