el Presidenté Obomber will speak to the Amerikan people on Sunday evening the 6th day of December 2015. Wow, the day before Pearl Harbor Day. Is that ironic or what. The Obomber’s speechifying is from the Oval Office. Wow, is that ironic or what.

I don’t know if that’s ironic, I don’t care.

There’s not much the Obomber has to say these days that holds even the faintest glimmer of interest for me.

It is “reported” that the Obomber will get the Amerikan people up to speed on how to “stay safe” when jihadis attack. The Obomber will not address the issues that piss these crazy freaks off in the first place. Evidently the Obomber hasn’t figured out that bombing the bejesus out of Afghaniscam, Libya, Syraq, and various African nations is pissing the locals off. Were the Obomber raining clusterbombs on my neighborhood, well, that’d piss me off no end.

The problem with Amerikan military policy is it’s arrogant and indiscriminate use of massive military ordinance designed to inflict massive amounts of death. Collateral death. The kind of military arrogance embraced by Regunlican poseurs running for the Office of POTUS. Of course the Democrap poseurs embrace that same murderous approach to Amerikan policy and there you go.

The candidate poseurs call that “Amerikan foreign policy.”

Yeah yeah, whatever. You can call Amerikan brutality whatever you like, it’s still misguided and batshit crazy.

It turns out that San Bernardino jihadi shooter guy had been arguing religion with someone at the office christmas party. Arguing religion, go figure. At christmas? Double wow and go figure. Jihadi shooter guy was so incensed he left the christmas party, went home to gear up, grab his really fucking crazy Saudi wife and then head back to office christmas party to party hard with a vengeance.

Merry christmas everybody! Talk about ‘black friday’.

Anyway, the Obomber is going to comfort and console this once great nation. Sure he is. Gosh, fuck you Mr. el Presidenté cause I don’t care.

Wow, is that ironic or what…


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