Mendocino Bob’s oldest kid works “inside the Beltway.” Inside the Obomber White House to be specific. “Inside the Beltway” is of course Washington. District of Columbia to be specific. You know, our nation’s ‘capital’.

capital  (ˈkapitl) noun 

(also capital city or town

the most important city or town of a country or region, usually its seat of government and administrative center

So Mendocino Bob’s oldest kid “leaked” an interesting and closely guarded plan being hatched by Amerika’s el Presidenté Obomber. The Obomber is going to ‘preempt’ Texas.

Turns out Texas Governor Gregg Abbott (rumors of Gregg Abbott being related to Tony Abbott the Australian Goofus are mere speculation) is planning to “secede” from the Amerikan Union. Yup. You see, Texas Governor Gregg Abbott gets apoplectic anytime Barack Obomber’s name is brought up or mentioned. In polite conversation or otherwise. The man literally foams at the mouth and becomes somewhat irrational so, Abbott’s plan to secede Texas makes perfect sense to Texas Governor Gregg Abbott.


The Obomber does NOT like Texas, Texans, the Dallas Cowboys, or Gregg Abbott. The Obomber despises Texas and Gregg Abbott so intensely that the Obomber is planning to carpetbomb Texas back to a pre-Mexican stone age. The Obomber is not even considering offering Texas a preemptive head’s up about his pending plan to level the Alamo. The Alamodome will be leveled as a matter of course.

I can admit that I’m not really surprised at Abbott’s plan to secede or the Obomber’s plan to obliterate Texas. These are some curiously insane times we’re living in and the levels of violence being bandied about is surreal.

So let us all wave a fond farewell to Texas, salute the brazen boldness of the Obomber, and pray that the gun frenzy currently obsessing Amerika will dissipate sooner rather than later like after the next mass murder to haunt these amber waves of grain.


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