god said thrill kill cult

Violence is as Amerikan as apple pie. With a side of Glock of course. That aforementioned Glock should by necessity have one of those nifty extendo clips for ‘extra’ ammo. Hollow point ammunition of course.

Domestic violence, gun violence, violence as entertainment, violence as the national sport. Concussion injury pales in comparison to a point-blank shot to the head.

Police violence, political violence, and Trump violence.

Tangible, palpable, and mundane.

Did you know that Quentin Tarantino has his very own recipe for special effects blood used for his insipid movies? Bloody violence is profitable. Entertaining. Mindless as a Quentin Tarantino movie.

Amerika is awash with the children of violence. Orphans of course. Courtesy of one of those aforementioned Glocks. Or an AK or AR-15 or what the fuck ever.

Amerikans love that violence and are not now nor in future about to give up their infatuation with blood sport. A recent Gallup poll revealed that fully 68% of all Amerikans are in favor of violence just so long as that violence doesn’t effect them. Wow, is that butch or what.

On an off the subject note, just in time for xmas comes ‘World of Warcraft Madden 2016 Gut Elmo Black Ops Level 22’ for XBox/PlayStation/Nintendo 124. The game comes replete with a special 3D aroma chip so you can actually smell the blood.

So in the beginning “God said thou shall NOT kill.” The humans asked God, ‘aw shit, why not?’


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