Today is Friday the 11th day of December 2015. Only 20 days left to “decide.”

You know, decide which ‘candidate’ to support for next Amerikan president. Which by the by, that election happens on the first Tuesday in November 2016.

It is a grave disservice to all Amerikans that the two-ruling party system rigged for Amerikan presidential elections offers very little in the way of candidates. Reasonable candidates. Candidates that offer real leadership and not blowhard bullshit.

On the one hand there are idiot bastards incapable of rational thought. On another hand there are dried out warmongering douchebags that offer a glimpse into Amerika’s past. Remember MonicaGate and the mystery of the blue dress?

A blue dress stained with presidential semen. Judas Priest, Amerika is gallingly stupid.

I think the Amerikan presidency should fall to Jackie Biskupski by default. You can google Jackie Biskupski. She is mostly harmless, a woman, possibly anti-war, sensitive to the people’s needs, and way easier to look at than Hillary or the Donald. I mean the woman can sit down and talk turkey with the hierarchy of the Mormon Church and that in and of itself has got to mean something.

That’s all I’ve got for a Friday. You see ‘Shorty’ Guzman did not call for a war on ISIL/ISIS/FreeSyrianArmy’sMcCain’sBrigade like the lamestream media reported. No Shorty did not. That was a comedy routine from the Onion and doesn’t that just figure. You can google Shorty Guzman for further enlightenment. I’m certain that before this Friday is over, the Donald will vomit up something so outrageously insipid as to fill the news cycle for the next two days and that’ll bring us to a Monday and we all know that they call it ‘stormy Monday but Tuesday’s just as bad.’

Have a brave new weekend everybody and ta ta for now.


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