inconvenient truffs

Time magazine named Angela Merkel as their ‘person of the year’. That would be year 2015. Fräu Merkel’s first name is pronounced Ang guh lah.

It is somewhat curious that an Amerikan magazine would name a German woman as ‘person of the year’. Merkel has done exactly zero for our Amerikan Homeland and that is to include Homeland security.

Fräu Merkel did suck Obomber dick after the news broke that the CIA was spying on Germans and the Merk so, maybe there’s the reason. Connection? Erection connection?

I would seriously doubt that Time magazine holds any meaningful relevance for postmodern global war of terror Amerika.

Have you noticed how hysterically hypocritical it is for media talking heads and “pundits” to jump up and down about jihadi terrorists and then turn the blind eye to “christian terrorists?” Evidently “christian terrorists” are doing the will of god. I can guarantee that the crazy ass jihadis say the exact same thing only in Arabic. “Christian terrorists” speak cracker and Amerikan media concerns understand cracker. The language of ‘Deliverance’.

Did you know that the Donald got his panties in a wad over Time magazine naming Merkel ‘person of the year’? Well the Trumpet certainly did. You see the “Donald” thinks his shit doesn’t stink and therefore he must, somehow, be relevant. The Trumpet is only relevant in highlighting the depraved depths of Nazi Amerika. The Regunlicans will scream bloody shrieks of horror when the news finally breaks that the Donald has been working covertly for Hillary all along. It is very true that the Clint-uns and the Trumpets are close personal friends. Grafted at their greedy roots. Bubba has been looking for paybacks on the Regunlicans ever since his days of impeachment a way back when.

Time magazine probably should have named Harvey Levin (he’s a lawyer) as their ‘person of the year’. Levin holds more relevance for Amerika than would Ang-guh-lah Merkel. The Fräulein sucks Obomber dick…



2 thoughts on “inconvenient truffs

  1. I don’t get Time Magazine, literally or figuratively. It is quite obviously an attempt to attract readership. I mean, people would have to read Time Magazine to understand why Merkel was named “Person of the Year.” It is certainly NOT apparent to me!

    Thanks Skulz!

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