it’s the people stupid

That Donald Trump is a barking lunatic isn’t up for debate. Not even a Regunlican debate. The man seems incapable of thought past the knee-jerk. Reactionary and retarded.

The disturbing aspect would be the number of Amerikan people that find Trump’s bellicosity a positive quality. Who loves a brainless bully…

Trump’s stranglehold on Amerikan media will end as the Regunlican caucuses and primaries unfold come the dawning of 2016. That’s when the harvesting of actual delegates to the Regublican Convention begins for real.

The Democraps have already ‘crowned’ their heiress apparent.

The process of selecting “candidates” is an exercise in utter futility. A waste of time and money. Amerika will get whomever the party elites declare as “acceptable” and the presidential election 2016 will give us a ‘meet the new boss same as the old boss’ rehash of the amorally banal. Nothing will change. Not on a national level and certainly not on the global stage.

Bombs will continue to fall on collateral Muslims, cops will continue to kill Black Amerikans, handsome profits will be gleaned by the war profiteers, Congress will continue to enrich themselves, and the Amerikan people will continue to be told how “great” Amerika is. That the Amerikan people believe that, is disgraceful. The Amerikan people are not exactly a critical thinking bunch.

A short Xmas fable of pressing importance –

If one happens to be woman and harnessed with an unwanted pregnancy, well, head to a pharmacy and demand that RU486 morning after pill. It’s the Homeland Safe and Secure method for ridding oneself of an unwanted pregnancy and also save the erstwhile woman of having to obtain body armor and an armed security detail for visiting a Planned Parenthood office which are now declared ‘free-fire zones’ and more than likely to be targeted by christian armed militia and/or terrorist organizations that don’t take kindly to a woman attempting to undo a pregnancy wanted and/or otherwise.

Marry Xmas woman of Amerika. Here comes today’s graffica –


7 thoughts on “it’s the people stupid

  1. [Pic-wise] About thirty years ago, I thought this guy was a trump card. Now I can only hope that he is a drunkard—for if he talks like that all sober (and there are people cheering), things would sure go scary.


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