meat mecca manhattan

Shoot up the clinics. Planed Parenthood of course. Nimrod doesn’t even have to think it through.

Vandalize the Mosque. Intimidate their faithful. Bullyboy doesn’t have to think that through.

Shoot up the faithful. Black Christians aren’t the same as ‘white’ christians. Bullyboy has pulled crap like that for years.

Gestapo cops kill black Amerikans to serve and protect whitey. Gestapo cops don’t have to think beyond being judge, jury, executioner.

Armchair Amerika can’t figure out what the fuck is going on. Armchair Amerika is ready to condemn all they refuse to understand.

Schools, theaters, the holiday Xmas party, and Amerikans are not safe nor have they ever been. Armchair Amerika will readily believe the bullshit flowing from Babylon-On-The-Potomac. Patriot Acted parroting will keep Amerika in lockstep with the goose-stepping fascism that grows pervasive in the “Homeland.”

Sieg Heil you dummies.

Injustice will not stand for long.


3 thoughts on “meat mecca manhattan

  1. As you know, Skulz, I refuse to conform. I refuse to be indoctrinated. I stand alone. I mean, I stand with YOU and Tubularsock and many, many others! We may not be ‘Star Wars’ but may the force be with us! Here’s to awareness!

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  2. Tubularsock doesn’t have to think it through.
    Kick-backed in his barcalounger reading a hard back
    copy of Shopping Terrorist On A Binge with the
    Xmas lights reflecting off the holstered glock.

    Ahhh, life is good in AmeriKKKa.

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