the clinical perspective

The answer to the ‘pressing question’ over what is fueling the “Trump phenomena” is simple. A staggering number of Amerikans are straight up stupid. Incurious. Biased. Bigoted.

The Trump security team dragged a black protester out of a Trump soirée in Vegas on Monday night to the lilting screams of “light the motherfucker on fire.” Here’s a link –

There was a chorus of ‘Sieg Heil’ to accompany the protester being removed from the Trumpreich’s party.

The Regunlicans have themselves some seriously deranged candidates posing for the POTUS position. Trump is the current face of Amerikan fascism but closeted Ted ‘canadian’ Cruz comes up a seminal second.

One could suppose that the loopy freaks are going out of their way to spark a civil war in Amerika. They’ve not really thought it through. A civil war premise. Any serious civil outbreaks of militant violence will spark the federal government into declaring martial law. Any vitriolic hatred being spread at that point will be met with an entirely different response from the martial lawyers.

Amerikans are caught in the throws of that classic 19th nervous breakdown and are so narcissistically trapped in self-indulgent hysteria, they can’t spot the fascists from the Nazis.

At some point you’d think that ziongelical christians would consider Donald Trump to be a witch. The Trump does seem to have cast a spell over the dummies. If ziongelicals ever have one of those ‘come to Jesus moments’ and realize they’ve been screwed by Trump, well, maybe they’ll rise up en masse and burn Trump at the stake.

“Light the motherfucker on fire!”


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