Marion, world famous librarian and neo-progressive warmonger, is on the stump for even still more “humanitarian interventions” to save our Planet.

“Humanitarian intervention” is a fancy facade of a word that cloaks the murderous intentions for wars of naked aggression and crimes against humanity. You see anytime one dresses up genocide with rather pseudo-intellectual lipstick and sells the PR during primetime media punditry hour, well, human slaughter is amorally okie-dokie.

Killing them softly with cutesy if not heinous bullshit. The bullshit gets rained in clusterbombing campaigns the world over.

“Them” of course would be jihadi terrorist lunatics and/or any other Muslim that is incapable of a national defense. See Afghaniscam, Libya, Yemen, Chiraq, Iraq, Syria, and/or any 3rd World African nation that refuses to allow the exploitation of resources for Western consumption.

In a somewhat disturbing sidenote of modest insignificance, the Baltimore City government has determined and pledged undying fealty to the Obomber’s ‘Afrika Campaign For Killing Them Dang Darkies Over There’. Baltimore City government has come to a conclusion that it is better to kill black people while they’re still in Afrika rather than wait for Baltimore PD to have to kill black people while in Baltimore. Saves the Baltimore City government the hassle of having trials and other forms of judicial comedy. The Baltimore City government’s logic is a form of neo-progressive preemption that has also found favor in the Chiraq and New York.

Lemme see here and where was I? Oh yeah, Marion world famous librarian and neo-progressive warmonger. Marion has taken to the stump in support of Hillary. Hillary Clinton to be libraryesque and Dewey Decimal Specific. Hillary is Marion’s favorite and it was Marion that encouraged Hillary to fly under the radar and avoid the pitfalls of appearing like a Regunlican buffoon while out begging for funding and support while in the running for POTUS.

However and we can all rest assured that SHOULD the Madam Clinton ‘win’ the presidency 2016, she’ll be cranking up the military wheels of ‘humanitarian intervention’ to kill, maim, slaughter, torture, and terrorize any and/or all that would oppose US supremacy.

It really doesn’t so much matter whom might win Amerika’s next presidency. Policies and the forever “global war of terror” will continue unabated far into a very bleak future.


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    • Thank you Tubularsock. I’m of the opinion that the New York Whore Times can suck it. Of course that is only my opinion and I don’t work or play well with others. That’s highlighted in big bold letters on my permanent for life school record.

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