nothing from nothing means

In the beginning god said

“Let there be guns.”

And there were guns galore.

Then god said

“Let there be hollow point ammo.”

And there were hollow points everywhere.

And god said

“Let there be war and torture and crimes against humanity.”

And holy crap-on-a-crisp, lookit out!

Then god said

“Let there be confusion and contradiction and given that at this point in space/time history I’m speaking to the Jews, well, there you go.”

Then god said

“Get me a virgin and the virgin must be a Jew and I shall impregnate the virgin in direct violation of all the basic laws of nature of which I authored by the by and, if an auto-inseminating pregnancy doesn’t fuck with the faithful, well, I’m theologically at a loss to explain what will.”

Then god said

“The virgin shall give birth to my Son in a horse stall and then get up and have Joseph drag the family off’n to Egypt and their departure will seal Bethlehem’s fate forever and until the Jews steal Palestine one more time and the Palestinians shall live in abject horror at the hands of Jews on account of that’s the way it goes.”

Then god said

“Is this about contradictory or what and in about 57 different variable translations of the original Jew-Talk.”

The god said

“Pass this all off to the Ziongelicals whom shall believe all the horseshit as Gospel and practice a vicious brand of Islamophobia and over all and in general make intolerant asses of themselves just because.”

Then god said

“Merry Xmas everybody. Go out and shop until you drop because Xmas was created for mercantile enhancement and nothing more.”

So let it be written so let it be done and it was. The Ziongelical congregation shall shout out Amen.



7 thoughts on “nothing from nothing means

  1. ‘God’ just makes so goddamn much sense, I’m sitting in church right now believing all up and down on GOD! Oh, and of course, not forgetting to pay my TITHES!!! The Reverend needs a new Bentley!

    Skulz, I think you just hurt some ‘Christian’s’ feelings with this one! Awwwww! Sob! Sob!

    Liked by 1 person

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