amerika afraid

Are you afraid? Amerika’s lamestream media insists that Amerika is afraid. You know, ABCBSNBCNNMSNBC and even the silly asses at FauxNews.

ISIL/ISIS/FreeSyrianArmyMcCain’sMacabreMauraders and assorted jihadi lunatics are lurking behind the shadows just a waiting to shoot you.

Of course just about any Black Amerikan would partake in the same fear of being shot-by-cop. Amerika’s Gestapo shoot Black people quite regularly. Daily?

Just about every last jihadi lunatic roaming this here Planet Earth has taken a solemn vow and blood allegiance to kill Amerikans dead. Just you ask the “Donald.”

It is curious that the “Donald” never has anything to say about Gestapo cops killing Black Amerikans.

According to the talking heads of media fame and fortune, Amerika is flirting with Nazism and THAT will make Amerika safe and great once again.

The talking heads of media fame and fortune seem incapable of understanding the insanity of quagmire Afghaniscam. Humanitarian Interventioned Libya. Or Yemen or Somalia or Syraq or even Chiraq.

Did you know that Hizzoner-the-Mayor Rahm of Chi-town is planning on using Predator drones armed with Hellfire missiles to pacify the Black neighborhoods of Chiraq? Well Mayor Mossad certainly is. Just you ask him.

Amerikans have nothing to fear but fear itself. Well and cops, Regunlicans, Democraps, never ending wars of naked aggression, Border Patrol, neighborhood watch, George Zimmerman, the NRA, the IRA, Peter King, Tommy Terrific Brady, fracking, and those pesky dang Mexicans. Well and maybe the shifty Mooselims. But not the Jews. Oh no. Or christians. Or Mormons. Even Mormons that believe Yoda is god.

So let us all join hands and march courageously into our brave new future remembering that during times of duress and assuredly high levels of anxiety with fear, we can always run in circles screaming then shouting at the top of one’s lungs…


The lamestream media will appreciate your candor and public performances.


6 thoughts on “amerika afraid

  1. Hell! The whole world lives in fear of ‘Amurderca’! We’re not just murdering each other. We are not content with that. We’ve got to share our thirst for murder with the rest of the world. Why oh why doesn’t the rest of the world get its act together and wipe this shithole off the face of this planet? Jebus Kriste!!! I wish it would!

    That’s my new favorite word, ‘Jebus’! HAHAHA! I just love it! Great post btw! Thanks Skulz!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Ms. Shelby. I can’t take credit for the Jebus thing. Nope. The credit belongs to Homer Simpson.
      Did you know that for a very Syrian Xmas this year, the Obomber is going to unleash a carpet-bombing campaign like our world hasn’t seen since the firebombing of Dresden.
      Hmmm, Xmas humbombs? You know like humbug but with bombs instead.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like bombs! Oh, they are so cute! They light up the night sky so that Rudolph is not needed in case of a blizzard! Bombing is a necessity so that Santa can bring all the little bombed and dead Syrian children, their Christmas toys!

        For the love of ……!!!!!!!! And I SIGH, AGAIN!!!!


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