If you happen to be Muslim and might be planning a trip to the US, well, cancel that trip. It seems the US has become a beacon of hysterical Islamophobia and Muslim travelers are routinely harassed and restricted from coming to the Amerika for any reason. See the link coming up about right here –

There is also this –

The land of the free to discriminate has a long and storied history of dogging on minorities and people of color. We can start with the Native People that were genocided into compliance.

We shouldn’t forget Black folk that were invited to Amerika to be sold as slaves and roundly dehumanized because and after all, Africans were to be considered as a mere 3/5’s of a person.

Proud moments in the history of Ugly Amerika.

Amerika has dogged on Chinese back in the day, Mexicans, Japanese, Mexicans again, Jim Crow, interned Japanese, and now it’s a Muslim’s turn to feel the intolerant and ignorant wrath of Amerikan lunacy.

So my Dear and Respected Muslim Brothers and Sisters don’t bother. Coming to Amerika. Save your hard-earned money and go somewhere else. Anywhere else. I hear Argentina is nice this time of year. I hear that Cozumel is nice any time of year.

Muslims already trapped inside the Amerikan Gulag, well, we are in this together. I don’t share so much in your suffering but I empathise with your plight.

You see a way back in the dark days of Bushco I was branded as an “enemy of the State.” Oh that is true that is so very true. Our phone was tapped, our home was bugged, we had spooky boys crawling around our backyard, and we were routinely caught on camera going about the business of our daily lives. ‘Surveillance’ was the affectionate term used back then.

I didn’t care for any of it and routinely confronted the fuckers every time I caught them in the act of being nosy. All the silly freaks had to do was come to the front door and I would gladly answer any silly question they might care to pose. Ahhh, the good olde glory days…

Anyway, not again. Not today, not tomorrow, not the day after tomorrow. The “suspicion” is outrageous and bullshit. I wonder why it is no one ‘suspects’ the government’s bombing of Muslims and sure as hell never questions what the idiots are doing. The Obomber idiots. Why haven’t the Bushco war criminals been held to account for their illegal wars of naked aggression, their torture of innocents, their God-accursed genocides, and their patent if not blatant treason to Amerika?

Oh crappies I digress. Sorry about that. Amerika’s current climate of hysterical and racist discrimination pisses me off. Possibly it’s simply a period of chaos and ridiculous confusion that has gripped the Amerikan people and in time, they’ll get over it. Possibly. But until then –


Also my Muslim Brothers and Sisters, please to forgive my crude use of the holy term. I speak neither Arabic nor am I myself Muslim.

with all respect,




10 thoughts on “solidarity

  1. Donzo, what You write about what is happening in the States might be True, but the problem is, WHICH CORNER OF THE WORLD IS TOTALLY POSITIVE? Argentina? Somehow my heart does not believe that. And where on the map is Cozumal?

    I would support You if You criticise the situation in the World in general. It is Much More difficult for Us Indians to criticise Our govt where it HURTS. If We would do that, We would be HURT. Make it ditto for russia, china and a hundred others. As far as I know, Not so in the States.

    Sure, things are not perfect in America. But Where IS it so? …Regards. 🙂

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    • Dear Swami:
      I tend to write about our world perspective from my little slice of amerika. It is true I am free to crack wise on just about any subject or issue. I do pay a price for that. I would venture that fully 95% of our world’s suffering is caused by the US/NATO and that leaves outraged and I will NEVER be silent about that. Wars, torture, crimes against humanity, proxy wars, and the most galling hypocrisy our world has ever seen. Well and the ignorance. “In God We Trust?” Amerika embraces that ‘god of war’ and that’s the end of it.
      I think that our world’s situation is teetering on the verge of global demise. There are no wise men in leadership. Not anywhere. How sad for the human species.
      Eminence, I would ask for your prayers. I’m struggling with this outraged anger motif and sometimes, the rage clouds my ability to see (seek?) peace.
      yours in humility,


      • Donzo, when you write things like: ‘I would venture that fully 95% of our world’s suffering is caused by the US/NATO,’ I question you on your researches, your experience, and many other things.

        FIRST OF ALL, I am 68 years old, and none of it was spent in Sahara. What you write, particularly of the type that I have quoted, is ‘Hot air’ to me.

        I KNOW that many in the US are guilty of so many things. But, it shall be repeating my self, Which Country is Not?

        hitler, idi amin, stalin, quaddafi, pol pot, and tiananmen, and Kandhamal in Our country, go through these too.

        Sure, I will pray for You, and appreciate Your asking for it. Just remember, I am as weak a man as Yourself, and as much in need of prayers. So pray for me too.

        One difference may be, I have found my Peace.

        Regards, Love and Blessings. Yesudas.


      • Swami:
        My research, experience, and study would be mostly amerikan-centric. The amerika is where I was born and live up this point in time. 66 years worth. That our Planet is awash in evil isn’t even up for debate.
        I haven’t found my peace. Maybe I’m not looking hard enough. BUT the hypocrisy, heresy, blasphemy, gluttony, greed, crimes against humanity, and narcissistic dementia that plagues most of amerika is galling if not war criminal. I speak out against the prevailing insanity and will not shut up now nor in future.
        On an unrelated note – I’d love to see the Sahara. I’m a bit of a desert rat.

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      • So, my Dear Donzo, You are a Senior man! Salutations, just on the Experience You must have gained. AND Your Enthusiasm and Fire.

        As I see it, I am Very aware of the evil, but I have also learnt to observe the Good. (I had been failing in that).

        In places like russia and china the People cannot even open their mouths. And in Our so called Democracies, We Do Not Open Our Mouths!

        And THAT IS WHY evil is so triumphant. Because of Our Inaction, Apathy. I speak on general, of course.

        Yeah, We will Keep up Speaking against evil and Insanity. Glad I found You, and am Very Glad for Your Company.

        Affectionate Regards to You, my Dear Donzo! 🙂


      • I spent most of my day yesterday in meditation. These are troubling times just about anywhere. There is good in our world and I know that. Sometimes that good is over shadowed by the evil that our human species can do.
        I have seen a lot of bizarre things on my life’s sojourn. Much of it I can’t explain. Maybe that is the where ‘faith’ is to be found. That mysterious mustard seed…
        Blessings unto you Swami.

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  2. “Possibly it’s simply a period of chaos and ridiculous confusion that has gripped the Amerikan people and in time, they’ll get over it. ”

    That’s not bloody likely to happen. I’m still wondering when they’ll get over white supremacy, admit to white privilege, stop putting labels on my Black ass and stop incarcerating me on bullshit charges, not to mention, riddling me with bullets simply because there is a never ending hunting season on my Black ass! Other than that, everything is kosher!

    Thanks Skulz!


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