christmoose carnage

The ‘joyous celebration’ is over. All the crap is unwrapped, clean up on aisle 5, mom is exhausted, the kiddies are bored to tears already, and all that’s needed now are the bills which will show up come the new year. Credit card statements are more certain than the 2nd coming of Jebus.

The 25th day of December 2015 is in the books. Excess, gluttony, greed, and narcissistic pandering.

On a completely unrelated note, the Amerika is STILL quagmired in the Afghaniscam. Talk about war without end. Hang in there you boots on the ground, the order to bug out will come eventually. Of course the heroin that flows from the war zone fattens the generals wallets and there you go.

Merry whatever this is –


10 thoughts on “christmoose carnage

  1. Reblogged this on shelbycourtland and commented:
    As Skulz said, “So they say this is christmas…”

    Since I know that you are ALL concerned and shit about climate change; the hole in the ozone layer, be sure to throw away ALL wrapping paper, big gigamongus boxes that previously held 500″ HDTVs and xboxes and boots and Williams-Sonoma’s Deluxe Automatic Coffee Makers and all-in-one blender/mixer and the Ronco Veg-O-Matic Deluxe Food Chopper and….next goes the tree out on the curb! Bulk trash pick-up will soon be there to collect it!

    Oh gosh! We just luuuUUUUUV this planet!

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  2. I veeel not comply! I veel vezist! I veel not show you my papers, Mein Kamerad!

    As I pointed out previously, I did NOT buy a thing! No credit card bill would even think to look cross-eyed at me!

    Great post for Merry Capitalismas Day, Skulz! Cheers! Because just think, tomorrow, since we are SO concerned about the health and climate status of this planet, hundreds of thousands of dead trees will be lined up and down the curbs of the streets of the brainwashed, brain dead and hypnotized Amerikan sheeple.

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    • Back in a past life when I was poorer than I am now I used to buy christfuk presents all year round as then I could actually afford them — especially during the clearance sales — but now most everyone in the family has gone to unholy christfuk heaven and Mike and I buy what we want when we want it so christmas is just another day … but we did share a nice bottle of wine! 🙂

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      • Food. Beer. Me and my Mary. Two dogs no cats and xmas seems way better today than a way back when. I did however get me a ‘new’ pair of pi-jamas. If I could learn to leave global war of terror events alone, well, I’d probably have not a thing to bitch about. But then I think oh fuck that, hang the war criminals!

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      • “… hang the war criminals!” Yes please! 🙂

        Speaking of pj’s — I have bought many pairs of those awesome plaid, snoopy, camo pj bottoms for Mike to wear to dialysis as they are cheap when they’re on sale and comfortable for him. Sounds like a right proper gift to me!!!


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