the killing fields of cuyahoga – OR – what is wrong with you

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame MUST be moved out of Cleveland. That would be Cleveland, Ohio. You know, that ‘loving’ little berg famous for murdering 12 year old Black children playing in parks.

It just so happens that Cleveland “police” are murdering 12 year old Black children playing in Cleveland parks.

Cleveland is undeserving of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The founders of Rock and Roll were predominately Black. That is true. Think Chuck Berry. Think Little Richard. Think Fats think Muddy think Robert Johnson.


That a community would stand by in abject silence at the murder-by-cop of a 12 year old Black child, or any child, is shocking. Staggeringly so.

Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Timmy ‘jerk’ McGinty refused to charge the murderous cops. Timmy expressed no regrets for how he and his office have handled the case.

“Okie Piggies, get out there and kill yourselves a pickaninny!”… Timmy ‘jerk’ McGinty

Timmy did/did not do his job and that’s the end of it.

Oh really?

That is NOT the end it.

Move the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame from Cleveland and do it now. C’mon musicians show some solidarity and act out against the outrageous murder of a child. In the very least boycott anything and everything connected to the R and R Hall of Fame.

Move the Hall of Fame to Philly. Or Asbury Park. Or any damn where other than Cleveland. Move the Hall of Fame for the simple reason that Timmy ‘jerk’ McGinty is an asshole. McGinty would be an insufferable prick too. Intolerant? Racist? A flaming Nazi bigot?

If you’ve happened to not watch the video of the Cleveland cop shooting Tamir Rice, well, don’t bother. That execution does not bolster McGinty’s claims to have handled the case correctly. Idiot cop jumps out of cop cruiser and guns that child down at point blank range. The fucker shot that kid with not even a question asked.

McGinty “refuses to charge the cop.”…

Were the situation somehow reversed and it was McGinty’s kid that had been executed by whomever, well, there would be Cuyahoga hell to pay and McGinty would be apoplectic.

Personally I am of the opinion that Timmy ‘jerk’ McGinty should be tarred and feathered then run out of Ohio strapped to a rough cut rail. That’s just me and I’m NOT advocating violence. I have to bite my tongue for the interim. Timmy ‘jerk’ McGinty SHOULD be run out of office. Gestapo SS Officers Timothy Loehmann and Frank Garmback need to be charged with murder and prosecuted to the fullest extent of Ohio law. Ohio has laws concerning murder does it not?

SS ReichsButcher Loehmann was the pig that killed young Tamir Rice and Franky ‘holsters’ Garmback was Loehmann’s partner. Loehmann asked Garmback, “that was a clean shoot wasn’t it?”

Move the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame out of Grieveland and do it now.



7 thoughts on “the killing fields of cuyahoga – OR – what is wrong with you

  1. But, but, but I am pretty sure that someone in ‘Grieveland’ is holding up a protest sign. There! That’ll show ’em!

    And sakes alive! Skulz! The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame does so belong in Grieveland because remember, Elvis is THE King of Rock and Roll! Who ever heard of Fats and Little Richard and Chuck Berry? Who are/were those guys???? Eh???

    P.S. Your rage is showing!


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