it’s over for now…

2015 is closing with a shameful whisper.

Murder, mayhem, rape, torture, war, and outrage after outrage will continue into 2016.

The narcissistic poseurs in the running for POTUS will squander millions and millions of dollars that could be best used elsewhere.

District Attorneys across this ‘land of liberty’ will continue providing legal cover for murderous cops and Black amerikans will be shot to death where they stand. Or crawl or play in a park somewhere or cross a street or whatever ridiculous situation Black amerikans find themselves in right before being shot. Of course there is always the distinct possibility some Black amerikan might get choked to death. By a cop. The strangling cop will of course receive a “service medal” for service to his community above and beyond the call of simple human decency.

Shameful whispering all across amerika, “well that’s not right.”

Did you happen to catch the Obomber doing comedy with Jerry Shinefeld? Shinefeld is a washed up comedian that used to do a television show a back in the day and now does his schtick on the web. Shinefeld actually thinks he’s funny. Evidently so does the Obomber. Here’s the link BUT, no video as you have to access Shinefeld’s website after first ponying up some cash for the privilege. Link –

The Obomber thinks that most world leaders are nuts. The Obomber might try looking in a mirror. To think the Nobel Committee actually gave the Obomber it’s Piece Price. What the hell were they thinking…

So here comes 2016 and one should probably keep the old arms and legs inside the ride at all times. Whether you bought the ticket or not, enjoy the ride. Which will of course be bumpy. Murderous? Dangerous? Insane? All possibilities are now in play?

Beware of the creeping McGintyism spreading across the amerika. McGintyism will get you killed IF you happen to be 12 years old playing in a park.

Amerika finally has a proper name for it’s final solution for Black amerikans and that name is McGintyism.

Good luck in 2016 my Brothers and Sisters, you are so going to need it…


9 thoughts on “it’s over for now…

  1. Reblogged this on shelbycourtland and commented:
    Here is a reminder of what happened to a twelve-year old child. Lest we forget!

    Thank you DONZO’S GUERRILLA GRAFFICA on behalf of all of us who will more than likely get our ass shot off in 2016 because we have the nerve to be Black-assed!

    See ya on the flip side!

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  2. “The Obomber thinks that most world leaders are nuts.”
    Yeppers, he is so much proof that it takes one to know one! “… look in the mirror …”? How can he do that as there is none so blind as those who will not see??? Must be right gratifying to be living on Fantasy Island, but I wouldn’t know b/c I am living right squat in the middle of reality and it ain’t perty! Happy Flokkin’ New Year!

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      • Now wouldn’t that be somethin’??? I’ve been trying to get the peons riled up for years; it would be right gratifyin’ if we finally got off our asses and fired up the GUILLOTINE!!!! 🙂 I vote for Trump and the Koch[suckers] be the first to test her!

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