fresh chaos

Dubai, United Arab Emirates –

Fireworks greet the New Year while hotel burns. Like a torch no less. Watched it live on CNN. Ridiculously insipid reporting but the video was sensational. Talk about a floor show.

It would be fair to conclude that Dubains are pretty much blasé about hotel fires when a fireworks display is set to explode.

United States of Amerika –

There were no deaths of Black Amerikans reported for New Year’s Eve having been shot-by-cop. Golly, is that a lucky break or what.

The Guardian reported that 1,134 Amerikan citizens were gunned down by the Gestapo for 2015 with young Black Amerikans being nine times more likely than other Americans to be killed by police. Here’s a link to the Guardian report –

Planet Earth, Outer Spiral Arm Milky Way Galaxy –

Extraterrestrial Sentient Beings approached our Planet on Monday last and after having watched the human species for several days, the ET’s determined there was NO intelligent life on Planet Earth and wrote the entire portion of our Galaxy off as a complete waste of time. ET Leader Quantum Plaxicar insists that the ‘humans’ are trailer trash and should be avoided at all cost. ET Leader Quantum Plaxicar also reported the humans as being “excessively violent.”

On a New Year’s hopeful note –

It’s probably time for some social upheaval in the Amerika. The entire judicial process is in serious need of change if not outright restructuring. Remembering the words of John Kennedy, “when peaceful revolution is impossible… violent revolution is inevitable.”

Murderer cops need to be charge with the murders they commit. Prosecuting Attorneys need to prosecute murderer cops. Members of Amerika’s Congress need to be slapped severely about the face and neck and subtly reminded who (whom?) the freaks work for. I am not advocating for mindless violence. Just a little bit of good old fashioned mob violence directed at Amerika’s ruling elite. Politically incorrect and I concede that upfront. But jeepers, it would seem that Amerika is sliding down a path towards fascist Nazism so what the hell…


One thought on “fresh chaos

  1. I am a proponent of mob violence and I make no bones about it! And you are right, any ‘intelligent alien life’ would find us to be not even worthy of this planet, much less be worthy of any other.

    Wow! I am surprised that we managed to get through New Year’s eve without another statistical police murder of Black folks. Would that it could continue, but I hold out no such hope on that happening.

    Thanks Skulz! Another fine post!


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