never goes away

Some things never go away. Not ever. Case in point –

The NSA. The Ameriklan domestic spying concern.

Seems the spooky boys have been spying on Israel and in particular, one Binyamin Netanyahu.

Congress has it’s panties in a wad on account of the NSA’s spying on Bibi.

Congress didn’t have a problem with Netanyahu’s interfering with the Obomber’s negotiating with Iran.

The Ameriklan Congress is staggeringly hypocritical but we all knew that.

Yes, the NSA is still hoovering up all your cell phone conversations, your texts, sexts, emails, whispered innuendo in public, and/or whatever.

That is what they do. The NSA spies on the Zionistas. Awww jeepers, that’s tough…


2 thoughts on “never goes away

  1. I thought Netanyawnhoo was special? He thinks he is and apparently so do the clowns at the NSA. He should feel honored that some one wants to actually listen to him as he pontificates on why he thinks he’s ‘God’s’ gift to the Palestinian people. Oh, my bad, on why he’s Satan’s gift to the Palestinian people!

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