shawshanked indemnity

Karma, baby. McGinty’s fate is sealed.

The stupid freak brought it on himself. Calloused inhumanity will do that.

So Timmy J. McGinty is to meet with some Cleveland area church guys. Black church guys to be quite specific. Cleveland area pastors that serve Cleveland’s Black community. According to the reporting, Cleveland’s Black pastors extended the invitation to “chat” with McGinty.

Go figure.

I’m of the opinion that Cleveland area Black pastors should extend a cordial invitation to McGinty to take a long walk off a very short pier. That’s just me and I don’t live in or near Cleveland.

That’s the fun part about opinions, everybody has at least one. I happen to have several that work simultaneously and on rare occasion, independently.

Speaking of opinions –

How about those cracker Bundy militia fools taking over a federal wildlife refuge. They’re going to bring down the federal government and build themselves a “white’s only sovereign nation.” Yeah dummies, good luck with that. Ruby Ridge meet Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

This will end badly for the cracker militia.

Armed insurrection against the United States is expressly forbidden and canonized law. See article 3 section 3 of the Constitution of the United States. 

The Bundy cracker militia can now expect a contingent of fully armed Apache attack helicopters to float over yon hill and vaporize the visitor center at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge with aforementioned cracker militia packed neatly inside. You see the Bundy cracker militia is “occupying” the Malheur visitor center. The FBI is ‘monitoring the situation’. Whatever.

It should be noted here that were the ‘occupiers’ of Malheur visitor center Black or Muslim or angry poor people, well, the federal government would have vaporized their sorry asses yesterday.

Again, the karma motif is at work here and we’ll see how things play out. Hmmm, I suppose that the Obomber could send in the Cleveland PD. The Bundy cracker milita guys would be shot dead in a blink. Of course Timmy J. McGinty would exonerate the cops and that would be that. Cleveland area Black pastors could then have tea with McGinty once more.


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