ameriklan violence

“we” are whom “we” shoot.

that unmistakably violent ameriklan culture.

black children

little old women and

syrian muslims a way over there.

“we” must kill them over there so

“we” don’t have to kill them over here.

go to church

catch a bullet.

go to the movies

catch a bullet or two.

violence @the coliseum.


violence in a parking lot

fan frenzy!

on the tv

for every ameriklan to see

violence is our leitmotif .




those who are about to die


that’s tough.





2 thoughts on “ameriklan violence

  1. You did a fine job on this one Skulz! It is getting to the point where there is nowhere to ‘duck’ or to hide. Wanna see a movie? Get shot. Wanna go to church? Get shot. Wanna go to school? Get shot. We are just one big ole humanitarian parade!! Now, load the guns and fire!

    Thanks Skulz!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Ms. Shelby. We are certainly living through some horribly violent times. Hide the Black children and remember to rally around the family with a pocket full of shells.


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