bleak streets and young ameriklans

David Bowie is dead. Damn sad news there boy.

Old rockers don’t fade away. Not now nor ever.

They die of cancer.


Boomers are falling off the barge left and right.

We are getting old. Old and feebly reaping moldy seeds of misspent youth.


I’m firing up a ‘fat one’, snapping open a ‘cold one’, ladling on the liniment, and poking fun at political fools.

Amerika is awash with political fools that contribute nothing to our shared human fate.

Especially political fools BORN in Canada. Get thee back up to the Great White North Ted. Stephy Harper could use your “talents.”


3 thoughts on “bleak streets and young ameriklans

  1. Couldn’t believe he was 69 — where did our gloriously misspent youth go????? Nat King Cole, and now his daughter have departed this veil of tears — sure wish I could smoke some this week, alas, I no longer have the balls to break the law; that goddamned whore in the WH can walk down any street in DC and get his fill of it — WHILE he walks from one pot store to the next one, but me, with the barney fifes we have all over this country now would lose everything, and I’ve worked too hard to fail as miserably as I have, so I’ll just drink a bottle of wine and call it good.

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  2. Man, that one (Bowie falling off the perch in a very controlled manner) hit me harder than I would have thought. While no tragic, I was certainly a respecter, and knew where his influence had landed in the music I frequent. The dude was the most elegant and excellent freak we had going for years… I too, in a bit of self-obsessed celebrity-worship mourning, engaged in fat ones and cold ones that night.
    Nothing new there… 😉

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