friday tributes

A salute to the Amerikan woman.


Victoria’s Secret.



Hair dye brain cancer.

High heel shoes.




Child birth.

Birth control.

Glass ceilings.

Vacuous dealings.


Donald Trump.


2 thoughts on “friday tributes

  1. Thank you Skulz! With all of THAT going on, we could surely use a salute! But I must say that I use birth control so that I don’t produce a ‘Donald Trump’. I need valium whenever I hear Donald Trump’s name. I do need the oxycontin when wearing my 18″ stiletto heels for my job as a dominatrix. I ditched Maybelline years ago for the brand ‘Maybe’ and for my chronic constipation, ex-lax seems to work for me. I removed the glass ceiling decades ago when I bought into a franchise of sex shops.

    But again, I thank you for saluting us ladies!

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