chicken dancing on a new day

On some daring ‘new day’, the people will awaken and rise up against the ruling elite. The moneychangers, the war mongering profiteers, the whore politicians, and Sheldon Adelson will all be forced head first into a noose and will enjoy the opportunity to learn how to dance like a chicken.

On some daring ‘new day’, Lloyd Blankfein will get his neck stretched and Brother Lloyd will see truth as it really is.

On some daring ‘new day’, Bill Cosby will be force-fed a Quaalude and experience firsthand how it feels to be raped.

On some daring ‘new day’, G. Bush and the Bushco minions will finally be held to account for their war crimes and crimes against humanity. The rope manufacturing industry will celebrate and enjoy “record profits.”

On some daring ‘new day’, cops will no longer enjoy blanket immunity for executing Black children.

Some daring ‘new day’ will come eventually. Of course sooner would be inherently better than later.


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