potus syndrome

The run for POTUS 2016 grinds on.

In an unexpected if not Freudian twist, Gov. ‘I quit’ Sarah Palin, has “endorsed” the Donald. Palin’s “endorsement” didn’t cost Trump nearly as much cash as he’d anticipated.

The Canadian Ted Cruz was “shocked” by Palin’s joining on with Trump. Evidently, Cruz figured Palin was a political gimme and wholly underestimated the power of a Trump purse. In presidential posturing, it’s a dog-eat-dog world and all the players will gladly sell you their mommies IF the price is right.

In the world of Zionist fetishism, Binyamin Netanyahu in his “official” capacity as Prime Minister of Israel, has labelled the Amerikan Ambassador to Israel a “little jew boy.” The Amerikan Ambassador to Israel is one Danny ‘boy’ Shapiro. Here’s an almost unbiased report and link to the hubbub –


Shapiro accused the Israelis of being one-sided in their approach to the apartheid dealings with Palestinians. This was a rare and unprecedented remark by any US Ambassador to Israel. Bibi’s office calling Shapiro a “little jew boy” is hysterically ironic and damn funny. Shapiro is of course Jewish, a Zionist, works for Johnny Kerry at State, and is pals with the Obomber.

The incident is a glaring case of “pot, kettle, black!”

You see the pansy Israeli Zionists have still got their collective kosher knickers in a clenched knot over Obomber’s diplomatic successes with Iran.

It is curious that the Iran diplomacy will be Obomber’s ONLY lasting legacy after he vacates the White House come January 2017.

January 2017 and damn, we’ve only got another year to suffer through the Trumps and Clintons and whiny Canadian poseurs groveling for “your” support.

You know with the Trump garnering the Palin element, Trump might not have to belly-crawl to Tel Aviv to kiss the Netanyahu ass…


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