out there

In a post-utopian tired of the injustice world, my postulate could work.

Of course, billionaires would have no say in how their ‘wealth’ is re-distributed. Politicians would have no say in how their lying voices would be silenced. War criminals would no longer be granted immunity/impunity from war crimes prosecution. I mean the real war criminals like the Bushco regime AND Buckaroo’s pretty little lap dog Tony Blair.

Hillary Clinton would be forced to swear off the Botox as the botulinum toxin is starting to eat her brain. Clinton’s shrike of a daughter Chelsea would be forced to shut the fuck up.

Glenn Beck would be stripped naked, buried in hot sand, his head coated with raw honey, and left for the ants. Clean up on desert aisle 5!

Murderer Cops in Cleveland and/or Staten Island and/or wherever would be prosecuted for their extra-judicial executions.

Michigan governor Rick Snyder would be forced to drink the tap water in Flint, Michigan and then undergo a forced high colonic in full public view using that very same Flint, Michigan tap water.

And of course we should not now nor ever forget about Barack Hussein Obomber. Amerika’s el Presidenté would be forced to return that shocking Nobel Piece Price, apologize for being an ‘Uncle Tom’, and then go away. To a war crimes tribunal would be preferential. The son-of-a-bitch can’t justify “humanitarian intervention” as being anything other than crimes against humanity.


4 thoughts on “out there

      • Well, at least you use waaay less cussing words than I do! Bless your ever loving heart! If I had a dollar for every cuss word I use, I’d solve the world hunger crisis AND still have some left over to chase down the warmongers, war hawks and war criminals and parade them ALL through the streets butt ass naked and then feed ’em to a pack of rabid dogs! THERE! That should get it done!

        Great post Skulz!

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